Allow Me To Introduce Myself...



Hi! I’m Lia

I’m a Certified Financial Educator who is on a mission to help millennials master their money.

I’m an Island girl (born and raised) who now calls Dallas, Texas my home. I’m super passionate about helping young adults transform their relationship with money.

I was born to a single, teen mom, who I saw struggle greatly to stretch her dollars as far as the month could go, but the money could never quite make it. I bet you can imagine how that shaped my money mindset. Naturally, I developed a scarcity mindset and a ton of bad financial habits.

I’ve since decided that I no longer want to live out my life from a perspective of financial scarcity. I desire a life free of financial worry someday. I'm committed to a lifestyle that enables me to become debt free and to make my money work for me. I'm here to teach you everything I know so you can do the same.

I wasn’t always financially wise; I've  made a ton of money mistakes. I got into consumer debt, co-signed for other people, had accounts in collections and withdrew 401K contribution every time I quit a job. I leveraged student loans to finance my education like any other ambitious millennial out there, borrowed way more than I needed and spent a fair potion of my loan refunds frivolously. I was a financially hot mess even though I looked like I had it together. These days, I know better, so I do better.

After graduating from college, I took a deep dive into learning everything I could about Personal Finance and I became obsessed with it. Becoming money savvy has really changed my life. I want you to experience the exact same feeling.


I believe that we can absolutely win when it comes to our money, we just have to know the rules. I'd love to teach you the fundamentals so that you can master your money, live your best life and have the peace of mind that you deserve. 

Join me on the path to financial freedom!